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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today was a fun day to fly....

As the day turned out, we ended up not having the scheduled monthly fun fly, but it certainly ended up being a fun day to fly anyhow...we unofficially named the event the "All Chrysler Fun Fly Day" as Steve Anderson was there with his black Dodge pickup and flying his giant scale Super Sportster and his Alpha trainer planes.....Dennis Sporing was there with his black Dodge pickup and flew his Twist 3D plane too...Bob and Robert Crofford arrived in the red Dodge Dakota pickup and Bob Jr. flew his electric 3d Plane very sweetly too...Buzz Haviland arrived in his blue Jeep and had several fine flights with his Ugly Stick plane, he informed me that he and his wife had gone back to IN to his grandsons High School graduation ceremonies and had been gone the past couple of weeks doing that and hadn't gotten a chance to do much flying lately either....I was there with my black Dodge and got in a few nice flights flying my Uproar 3D plane also...everyone had a very nice and enjoyable visit today, and the weather was just perfect for flying all day pictures today but it sure was a fun time for all.

Steve Anderson also announced he is selling both of his giant scale gasser planes and asked that I put it on here for him. He is selling the giant scale Super Sportster that has the Fugi gasser engine in it, along with also selling his giant scale G-62  gas powered giant scale Stinger. Contact him anytime for further information.

Looks like several members are also planning on flying this coming Sunday, June 16th, 2013 early sometime after 8am or so, and I am hoping to be able to fly again then too. Hope to see several folks there then.

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