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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Salida, CO. Fun Fly 2013

I recieved an email from Marlowe Cassetti regarding the Fun Fly event being held at the Salida, CO. Harriet Alexander airport on June 29th and 30th, and I got in touch with the airport volunteer that had sent out the email to Marlowe, inviting us up for the event to display our RC models and to put on some flight demonstrations. Steve Bush is a very sociable and welcoming person to get to know, and I am certainly glad I got to make his aquaintance this past weekend at the show.
They set us up with a very large area in front of the flight line and next to the free pancake breakfast serving about continuous tempatations.....the food and people and hospitality were second to none the entire weekend!!! I only flew one time during the weekend using my Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang and flying in front of such a large crowd of spectators proved to be very overwhelming to say the least, as I had a fellow RC pilot from Salida that was there flying his electric "Octo-copter" and other electric powered large scale airplanes for the crowd during the weekend, come over to assist me during my flight time. I had Chris go ahead and take the transmitter and fly for a bit while I calmed my nerves back down some and then resumed flying my Mustang again for awhile. After several aborted go-around attempts at landing with the crowd in such close proximity to the runway we were using I asked Chris to handle the landing procedure for the sake of everyones safety nearby.
There were several members that attended the Fly In event from the Fremont County Radio Control Club throughout the weekends festivities such as Mark Putzer, Dennis Sporing, Terry Davis, Nick Bellino,Steve Stafford, Marlowe Cassetti and others that may have slipped my memory. We even had the distinct pleasure of getting a visit from "Kiwi" Stephen Cairns, from the Sky Corral RC Club in Pueblo, CO. Tony Brotherton and his dad who both are also Sky-Corral RC Club members flew in for the event in Tony's beautiful Citabria.
Some of the pilots that I am familiar with that flew their planes in for the fun fly event were Dick Baker in his Fouga, Nick Bellino in his Myers L'il Toot, Tony Brotherton and his dad flying in Tony's Citabria Decathlon, Jim Thibadeau with his P-51 Mustang and Jack Collins in his AT-6 Texan, among several other beautiful aircraft that attended the weekends activities. Steve Bush from the Salida airport that invited us up for the show, displayed his very nice Piper Pawnee also.
There were numerous vintage and antique vehicles of all sorts and sizes at the show on the tarmac this past weekend also, and it was a pleasure to get to visit with these very knowledgeable folks that were proudly showing off their vehicles too.
I'm sure I've probably forgotten to mention someone in attendance at the show this past weekend and if so, please forgive my forgetfullness in advance.
I took a few pictures and would like to share them with everyone here for their viewing pleasure.

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