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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calendar of Events Scheduling Time

I recieved an email from the individual that puts together the yearly Calendar of Events for the entire region surrounding our club this past week, and he is asking that all the various clubs try to put together at the very least a tentative schedule of the club's events for the upcoming 2014 flying season. He will then take all the clubs information and links and compile it into the regional calendar to be sent out to all the area clubs for use in planning their events to a firmer date and time. We need to start considering what events we want to schedule tentatively and firmly for next year to include in our response back to him ASAP. Contact myself or Marlowe Cassetti with any ideas and dates for our club events for 2014.
 On a different note I apoligize for not being in attendance and assisting with many of the club activities and field maintenance duties in the recent past, but work travels have and will take me out of the area for extended periods of time in the foreseeable future as they have in the past now too. I appreciate everyones involvement in the club's  activities and field maintenance, and if possible with the onset of winter coming on I may get a bit more time to devote to those activities, but I was informed of a couple of out of state winter jobs that are going to happen and keep us busy this coming winter from my employer.
Thanks again everyone, and please let us know ASAP about the scheduling we need to start taking care of for next year.


Mark J. Sullivan

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