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Friday, October 18, 2013

Civil Air Patrol Meeting

Thursday Evening President Ed Vincent gave a lecture and demonstration of R/C aircraft to the members of the Civil Air Patrol. We met in their new building adjacent to our meeting location at the Fremont County Airport. This was the second of a series of meetings that Ed had with the CAP. Ed brought his Spitfire and Seniorita to demonstrate both a scale warbird and trainer. I tagged along to assist Ed.

Ed Vincent showing the cadets his Spitfire

After his session indoors, we took his Seniorita outside and Ed fired up the engine to demonstrate the operation of a nitro engine. The cadets were very impressed with the sight and sound of the engine and the smell of the glow fueled exhaust. We returned inside and concluded with a question and answer session. The cadets had a lot of questions and were very interested in the topic of R/C model aviation.

The next step is the CAP group will be obtaining an aircraft through the CAP educational program. They will construct the plane to familiarize them with the building process. They will also be applying to the AMA to obtained a club AMA charter.

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