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Monday, October 8, 2012

Some more pictures from the recent Fremont County Airport and EAA Fly-In event

The Renegades precision formation flight team performing over the airport event.

They sure do a beautiful job.

These flights are performed with much mastery and perfection.

The Renegades precision formation flying group.

Fremont Count Airport entrance.

A beautiful Hawker Sea Fury in Aussie markings.

Several people in many regional clubs displayed RC aircraft of all types during the event.

This bush plane is just downright sexy!

More of the RC Aircraft on display during the event.

A different Sea Fury flying overhead with smoke on!

Two Russian built YAK's giving a spectacular smoke and formation display!

Dennis preparing his RC Plane for a flight demonstration.

UP UP and AWAYYY...!!!

Several RC club member pilots and public enjoying the event and flying.

Mommy I want a ride in that plane!!!!!!!!!

Colorado Vertical Tours helicopter doing what they do the rides.

A great selection of all sorts of RC aircraft on display at the event.
Here are some more pictures of the Fly-In event held at the Fremont County Airport in conjunction with the local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) chapter of Fremont County. Many thanks go out to both Keith Davis of the Pikes Peak Radio Control Flyers Club of El Paso County for his submission of numerous great pictures that I was so graciously given to post here. Another big thank you also goes out to Ed Vincent of the Fremont County Radio Control Club in Fremont County for his permission to post the pictures on our web site here that he also took during the event.
If anyone else has any videos or photographs of the event and would like them posted here please contact me via email at and I will get your videos or photos added to the great ones already posted on the web site here.
Thanks again everyone for all of your contributions and volunteering with regards to this great event,

Static display of a US Military helicopter at the airport Veterans park.

Several aircraft on display during the event.

Such detail and perfection proudly displayed.

Some of the beautiful Classic Cars on display at the event.

Hawker Sea Fury.

Cessna Skylane 182 Radio Controlled scale looking airplane.

French built Fouga V-tail jet.

Russian built YAK Trainer airplane.

Renegades formation flying with smoke. Very impressive showing.

More of the RC aircraft on display during the event.

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  1. Wow, todos son planos que buscan mejores y agradable. Tener Rc-plano es realmente una diversión. Me encanta mi aeromodelismo afición. Tuve un helicóptero del rc nombrado como 4 canales helicóptero rc. Helicóptero de 4 canales de 2,4 GHz con rotor de cola a un precio increíble! El modelo tiene un aspecto muy realista y sus 4 canales significa que puede moverse en seis direcciones - izquierda, derecha, atrás, adelante, arriba, abajo y girar a la izquierda oa la derecha sobre su eje, como se mueve como un helicóptero rea
    Ben Almeer,
    Click on Nitrotek for full article