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Thursday, October 18, 2012

An interesting article to say the least....

Hopefully this discovery will be done in a proper manner to preserve the historical significance of these mighty World War 2 War birds, and to restore the findings back to their proper condition before these items are lost to the past again.
I would love to see one or more of these fine aircraft up close and personal as they come out of burial, and before they are restored, just to see how they stood the test of time being buried all these so many long years. I have a hunch they may end up being in such terrible shape similar to that car that was buried 50 plus years ago in a concrete vault underground that rotted away and was unable to be restored properly due to the tremendous deterioration of it's condition.
I pray these aircraft have not met a similar fate as that show piece car did back then.

Check out the story of these airplanes here at the following link.

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