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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Meeting - October '12

Just some quick notes and comments on tonight's meeting:

This is a summary of tonight's meeting. The minutes of the meeting will appear shortly on this blog. We had a lot happen, so it will take a few days to ger out the minutes.

We are back now to meeting indoors. VP Ron Prewitt chaired the meeting.

Ron Prewitt wearing the VP hat

We had a large number of members attending (15 + 1 new member) probably because we voted on raising the dues. This change to our bylaws passed and starting in 2013, dues are will be $40/year.

Terry Davis contemplating the meeting's weighty issues

Lee Stodder (foreground) & Mark Putzer (background)
Mark appears to be overcoming a gagging sensatiion

We had a discussion on a new category of members, Associate Members. A bylaw modification will be proposed for a vote at our November meeting.

Indoor flying at Harrison School in Canon City will resume in November. Get your foamy planes and small helis ready for a good time.

Finally, we had a new member, John Dison, friend of Rhett Sharp. Welcome aboard John. I'll be adding him to our roster plus I'll add Rhett to our list of Instructors.

Newest member - John Dison


  1. Welcome aboard John Dison and good luck with your RC Flying training program. Let me know of anything needed at anytime, and I will do what I can for you.
    Welcome again,
    Mark J. Sullivan

  2. Oh! That pic is just lovely! (Not!)

    1. Hey, a startled look is okay at our meetings. I don't have PhotoShop so there isn't much I can do.

  3. What is the definition of the a Associate Member?

    1. Same as a regular member but basically a non-flying member. AMA not required. Dues at $25/year.