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Monday, April 1, 2013

Our newest member

Today I met Taylor Spinuzzi from Woodland Park and signed him up up as our newest member. Taylor has been flying R/C for about one year and has developed good flying skills. He attributes his success to doing a lot of simulated R/C flying on his computer. Taylor works at the Victor mine and he and his dad know Kenny McMullen. Kenny brought then out to the field a few months ago where I first met them.

Taylor Spinuzzi

In addition to his Simply Magic, Taylor brought out a Big Stick 60 which flew like a dream. Very positive and undisturbed by the wind. We were met by Jim Aultman who was running errands and came by the field to see who was flying. I too had to run errands and I left Taylor with the field to himself. Since he was off of work for a few days, his goal was to fly as long as the weather cooperated. I think Taylor was bitten by the R/C bug!

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  1. Welcome aboard Taylor.....I have heard great things about you and also your flying skill and abilities also....I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as we all do in this club too. Feel free to contact me anytime you want to also, day or night, at 719-240-6805.
    Once again, Welcome and I hope to meet you at this months meeting Friday evening or in the very near future at the field.
    Mark J. Sullivan