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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Fun-Fly and Pot Luck lunch

This event was scheduled to honor our long time member Bill Worthen, Sr and boy  was it a great success in spite of the near gale force winds that struck at noon.
Enjoying the activities are Cloyce Mann next to our guest of honor Bill Worthen, Sr.
Seated behind them is Roxanne Prewitt, daughter of our VP Ron Prewitt.
Standing behind them is Joan Worthen. Joan brought some terrific pasta salad to share.
Speaking of Joan Worthen, Buzz Haviland put up another windsock, one of many fabricated by Joan for the club. The club really appreciates the effort.
Joan's windsock got quite a workout  today with  high winds and  gusts.

The climb and glide contest

It got started shortly after the scheduled start time of 10 AM.  The event was to see how long a plane could stay in the air after a 30 second powered climb. It was decided to throttle back to idle rather that killing the engine. The weather was beautiful and the winds were light and from the east. Dennis Sporing was the first to give it a try and he put in a great performance with a total time of just over three minutes. It was obvious that Dennis was the guy to beat in the fueled engine category. But by the end of the competition Ed Vincent beat Dennis by just a mere 17 seconds.We had seven competitors and we would have more but the wind kicked up around 11:15AM and the contest was getting difficult. All but Kenny flew trainer type planes; Kenny flew a low wing Super Sportster which was at a disadvantage. Also Mark Putzer's Cub had "tundra tires" that certainly hurt its gliding aerodynamics.

Ed and Marlowe time Cloyce's Climb & Glide  
Photographer Mark Putzer caught my LT-40 coming in for a
"dead stick" landing

Final Competition Results

Fueled Engine Category:
    1. Ed Vincent  3:19.32
    2. Dennis Sporing  3:01.91
    3. Marlowe Cassetti  2:24.59
    4. Cloyce Mann  1:46.43
    5. Kenny        1:43.15 
Electric Motor Category:
    1. Buzz Haviland  2:42.29
    2. Mark Putzer  1:20.50
Club's Donation to Starpoint

After the competition we awarded a $100 check to Starpoint Adult Services. Several of the Starpoint folks, led by their director, Ron Hinkle, came to watch us fly and join in on the award. Our photographer Mark Putzer snapped the photo below which will appear in the papers.

Before lunch, our newest member Hannah Worthen is in the picture below getting some hands-on stick time in on her dad's Stick. Bill Jr. is looking for a Kadet Sr. for Hannah. Please contact Bill Jr. if you have one you want to sell.
Bill and Hannah Worthen enjoying R/C flying together

And wouldn't you know it, but just as we broke for lunch, the wind turned nasty on us. But that didn't deter us. We were treated to homemade (by Beth Vincent) hamburger patties, with lots of goodies to go with it. I think everyone brought a pot luck dish to share with others. Special thanks went to Cloyce Mann who brought two homemade (by Terri Mann) cherry pies, one for the group and one for Bill Sr. to take home. A good lunch was enjoyed by all. 

I want to thank all who participated in this event and to Mark Putzer who took all these wonderful photos.

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