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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

News and a request for Bill Worthen, Sr.

I got the following from Bill Worthen, Jr.


I want you to know something if you don't already know. My dad is terminally ill. He has a brain tumor, and has only weeks to months to live. He is not allowed to drive anymore. I'll get him out to the field as often as I can. Pass this along to other members. I work 8-4 Monday thru Friday. If anyone can find it in their heart to take him out with one of his planes sometime, I would greatly appreciate it. He may need to be on a buddy box. Not sure yet. This is something he has loved doing forever, and I hope we can keep him flying for a little longer. 

Bill Jr.



I for one will do whatever it takes to help your dad out. I'm sure many in the club will also want to do the same. We will discuss at this week's meeting. Let your dad know that we will help him


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  1. Bill Worthen Jr.
    I just now got off the phone with Rhett Sharp and he is going to contact his Dad and also Dave Green to let them know the status on your Father also. I am working straight days now Mon-Fri and sometimes I can be called in for some work on a weekend....although that is so far been very rarely thankfully.
    I have you Father,as well as your entire family in my prayers constantly, and please keep me posted on any status changes too. Call me ANYTIME day or night no matter when, I will do all I possibly can for everyone there.
    Thanks and God Bless your Father Bill Sr. and the entire family.
    Mark J. Sullivan