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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Saturday's Fun Fly event coverage and pictures

If anyone would like to share some thoughts and or pictures of the fun fly this past Saturday please post them on the web site here. The turn out for the climb and glide was quite good I thought, even though I did not enter the contest. It was quite exciting to watch too.
A very well attended turnout for the charity donation to the Star*Point Academy from the Academy and also club members too. I would love to see the large group photo's that were taken of this part of the days fun also if anyone could please share them with us here.
The cookout and social time with Bill Worthen and his family was in my estimation priceless, and I for one am tickled that I was able to enjoy the companionship and great times that everyone seemed to be enjoying.
Please if anyone has pictures of any part of the event or would consider writing up some thoughts and memories feel free to do so. We would all love to see them and hear from everyone, and it is certainly appreciated also. Thanks again to everyone for a most enjoyable time last Saturday.

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