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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quad-Copter first flight attempt using my GoPro camera system

I now have an Eflite Blade 350QX Quad-Copter that is set up for a GoPro camera mounting system. I am using my GoPro Hero3 Black edition camera onboard this very stable flying bird, and it sure makes it easy to get some good shots too.
 I'll post a link to the video on here so you can enjoy watching how stable this system really is. It sure makes me look a LOT better at flying than I really am.....lololol
This was shot yesterday afternoon about 4pm or so at Pathfinder Park soccer fields west of Florence, CO. and notice the standing water on the grass in various places from all of the melted snow there.

Enjoy this video and let me know what you think about this setup too.


  1. Mark, fantastic video and a fantastic and stable platform. You are becoming the tech expert of the club.

  2. No......not really by a long shot should see what hair I have left after transferring files...converting files.....importing and exporting files......editing....downloading......uploading...yada yada yada.....a lot more work than what first appeared to be needed in reality........but it is fun!!!