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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Flying - Pulling Off A Hat Trick

In sports parlance the expression "Hat Trick" refers to doing something good three times. In hockey it means a player scoring three goals in one game. This weekend we had three good days of flying ... Friday evening indoor flying, great flying weather all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.

Our first scheduled indoor flying session was attended by five club members. Not a lot but we got some good flying in. I didn't spend a lot of time there since I was in between filling a prescription which I had to get home to my wife. But I was able to get in a very long flight on my Playmate and another flight on my Night Vapor. Bob Crawford put on a good show of 3D flying with his plane and Cloyce flew his Playmate. After I left I understand Cloyce flew a helicopter.


Saturday turned out to be a great day and the flying was well attended. Somehow there was a rash of dead-stick landings. Kenny had one with his Edge and I had two with my Big Stick. All landings had happy endings. I re-tuned my Saito 65 and no more problems. Steve Anderson had an Alpha 60 "trainer" that is a real hot rod. He had to retire from flying early since his flight battery was not fully charged.

Dennis & Kenny talking over Kenny's Edge. On the far flight-stand
is Garry's Electro Stick and in the near stand is my Big Stick 

Kenny bringing his Edge for a landing with Dennis observing.
Cloyce, Gary and Dennis also got in some flying. Sorry, no pictures.


Sunday was a good day, but when I arrived the wind had kicked up, gusting to 12 knots at times. I brought my OS 55AX powered Drastik and I got in several flights. It flew well since I repaired it from a "crash landing" this summer. It is of the Ultra Stick type of design and I'm quite pleased with its flying qualities and the performance of the 55AX.

My Drastik in the foreground and Mark Sullivan with his Uproar that sported a video camera
mounted on top of his plane. Behind Mark is Dennis' Four Star. Kenny and Dennis are next to Mark's
trailer. We all had fun fooling around with the camera system. 
The camera system plays back through Mark's Samsung smart phone via a WiFi link. Pretty neat. Although he didn't bring a plane, Kenny flew the Uproar while Mark kibitzed. As I mentioned, we did a Hat Trick!

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