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Friday, November 1, 2013

Emergency Landing at Fremont County Airport

So the County Sheriff truck pulls up to us and orders "no planes in the air". What was happening was a drama of an aircraft unable to fully lower his landing gear and they were making preparations for a belly landing. We watched as he skidded to a stop on the runway. The pilot leaped out of his plane and ran back towards the emergency vehicles. I took a photo of the scene soon after the "landing".

The plane, looked like a Cessna, is at the far left of the picture. Emergency vehicles are at the center and left. A large flat bed trailer was brought in later and they hoisted it onto the trailer. Pretty exciting.

Friday Flying Report

There were several at the field this morning. We were thankful that the high winds which have been the norm for the past few days were now calm. Dennis flew his 4 Star, Gary and Larry brought trainers. I was going to maiden my Big Stick 40, but I discovered an aileron servo problem. Then after the wind kicked up and blew it off the flight stand and broke the wing tip its fate was sealed for today. I did try to help Larry get in some stick time on his trainer, but his engine was not running reliably and I had to dead-stick it in after a couple of laps. Maybe I'll try flying again this weekend if the wind cooperates.

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