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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mother Nature was not cooperating today

I was hoping to get in some more flying with my new Go Pro video camera setup using my .40 size GP UPROAR airplane but the winds were a bit unsettled and breezy when I thought about heading over to the field to attempt flying. I really enjoy this new video part of flying even though I'm not very good at the editing part of this deal by any means yet. And the flying leaves a bit to be desired yet too...hahaha!!!
I also got to thinking about the upcoming "Nitro-Chili-Burn" New Years Day flying event, so I sent out an early email reminder to everyone to get them to thinking about attending this great flying event the club puts on every year now. Remember it is a go no matter what the weather brings, so you may want to get those ski's ready just in case too. We had a huge turnout of people that showed up for this great event and everyone really enjoyed it a lot. Tell your buddies about it and let's all get together to welcome in the New Year for 2014 while having a lot of fun flying and enjoying each others great company.
Let me know when you can about attending and what you may need also. I'll be sharing my award winning "Nitro-Burn-Chili" with everyone and please feel free to bring anything you care to also.
I hope to see everyone out flying and enjoying this great fall weather we are experiencing right now too.

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