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Monday, January 2, 2012

The 1st Annual New Years Flying Event

This was started by Mark Sullivan. He sent out a message asking if anyone was interested in flying on New Years Day 2012. It turned the winds were calm in the morning but the temp was cool. Mark was our flying earlier that morning, but he had to leave before more flyers arrived. Tim and Grant Brown plus Ed were flying when I arrived. Shortly Cloyce plus some of his guests came to the field. I assembled my J-3 Cub and prepared to fly but by then the winds picked up. With the winds came wind chill and I never flew on January 1st. However, on Monday, the 2nd, Mark and I did get some flying in to kick off the new year.image

The photo on the right show the flight stands loaded with planes. Grant Brown’s T28 is in the foreground and his Dad’s Albatross is next. Ed is snapping some pix of the flight line.




The picture below shows Ed’s Kadet Senior (yellow body and tail). In the far background is Cloyce and his friends. Cloyce had a highly modified Stinger powered by an Evolution 35cc gas engine that howled through the skies. It is a moose of a bird. It is barely visible as a blue streak at the end of the flight stands.


Maybe the club can have this as an annual event with prizes awarded to the brave souls that fly that day. I never did fly my J-3 on Sunday, but with an enticement of a prize I just might have shrugged off the wind chill and given it a try.




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