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Friday, January 27, 2012

From Mark Sullivan: Field report for Friday January 27, 2012

I was in contact with Marlowe via email about the items he is sending with me up to the JEFCO auction Feb 3-5, and getting his items listed in their online catalog with pictures and prices this morning, when we decided to head over to the field to get in some flying.

I arrived at 10 AM to the field and proceeded to get my Big Stick .40 readied and started flying while awaiting Marlowe's arrival. I got in one long flight with the Stick and was treated to some variable buffeting winds both on the ground and aloft. I am getting more confidence in flying with some heavier winds and this was one of those good opportunities to get in some practice doing just that.

 About the time I'm ready to go back up for a second round of flying, Marlowe arrived and we started readying his SIG LT-40 plane, in some biting cool winds. About that time Buzz Haviland showed up with his repaired Mentor to fly also. After some initial adjustments and warm up time for Marlowe's new EVO engine on his SIG LT-40 the winds would not lay down so we retreated out of the winds to the shelter of my toy-box trailer out of the worst of the wind, to wait it out.

 As you can probably guess, that time waiting was to no avail, so the three of us packed everything back up and headed to Florence to get some lunch, and swap flying truths.....ahemmmmm.....<stories>....hahaha
After a very nice lunch and visit with a time of indecision if the flying weather and winds were going to be worth the gamble to drive to Pueblo to fly, we decided not to drive down but, rather wait until tonight for the flying in the Harrison School gym instead.

Buzz and myself headed back up the hill to the field to put the swing together and fasten it so it hopefully won't blow apart in the winds, and weighted it down with some blocks. Also updated the list in the impound, to reflect all of the recent maintenance items that we can scratch off the list now too.

So now its shop time to prep some of my stuff to fly tonight in the gym, and to get some other items ready for the trip up north for the JEFCO auction next weekend. Almost nothing is better than a nice afternoon spent in the shop amongst balsa and adhesives, I'd think.

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