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Friday, January 20, 2012

Indoor Flying Jan 20th

There was an exciting time Friday night at Harrison School in Canon City. Many flyers attended and a great time was had by all.


Ed Vincent, our new Prez had his little E-flite blade heli doing lots of tricks. He demonstrated flying between the gymnasium rafters with great skill.

There were many HobbyZone Champs flying, it was hard to know who was who. New member Buzz brought out a new Champ and found it a bit easier to fly if the transmitter was set to low rates. Robert Crofford , Cloyce, and Marlowe were also flying Champs.

Bob Crofford put on a great 3D flying show.


Terry Davis brought out a Slimageow Stick but it has problems with the wing mounting to adequately try it out. Photo on the left shows Ed giving Terry some suggestions.

Another new member, Dennis Sporing, was flying a small coaxial heli, is pictured to below.   image

At the end of the indoor flying session we talked about flying the next morning. However, the forecast was for very high winds on Saturday… up to 75 MPH. But you’ll be surprised what happened. See the next blog.

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