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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Field Report for Thursday, January 26 2012

I received a phone call from fellow club member Buzz Haviland, at approximately 9:30 AM this Thursday morning, wanting me to meet him at the airfield, so we could get the new "Welcome" sign post-hole dug, and the new sign installed on the road leading into the field.

Upon my arrival at the field, Buzz was hard at it, working on the pipe that is pounded into the ground, where the entry gate positioning rod goes in to the ground, so we can now use that again, to secure the gate properly when it is closed.

After completion of that task, we moved on to digging the post-hole for the new sign, and got it installed also. It is quite noticeable we felt, and hopefully it will make spectators to the field feel welcomed, and that they will also come in and watch the activities, and possibly join the club.

Buzz Haviland
It's Installed!!!

Spectators Welcome

Transmitter Reminder

Next on the agenda was for us to take advantage of our dead calm weather conditions, and to remove the jackets, as it had warmed up beautifully with crisp clear blue skies, and get in some flying time.

Buzz brought out his Mentor electric plane, and proceeded to prep it for flying. It sure is a nice flying aircraft.

Buzz' s Mentor
Buzz readying his plane for flight

His first flight in dead calm conditions was a handful he reported, so he brought it back in and made an adjustment, and then back up he went again, for a few more beautiful passes.
After a battery change-out he went back out for more taxiing and take-off practice, and work on keeping his altitude the same in his turns at both the entry and exit, and throughout the entire turns.
He soon had difficulty again, and had to put it down in an emergency landing, away from the runway, where it suffered some slight damage, but upon further inspection, it appears to be not too bad to repair it thankfully.

I then got my plane readied to fly, and had a good time.

Big-Stick .40

Great Planes Big-Stick .40 size plane
I flew my Big-Stick .40 size plane with its OS 55AX overpowered horse up on the front, and had a couple of nice flights with it, shooting "Touch and Go's" and burning fuel.

After we flew, it was time to head out and get busy with lunch, and also unloading items from my pickup and toy box trailer back at the house, and then a  trip to visit a fellow RC flyer from Pueblo West, CO by  the name of Roger Stasiak, who has several RC planes he is selling, to enable him to thin the hangar down some at his beautiful home there in Pueblo West, CO.
I ended up purchasing 4 different aircraft from Roger over the past 2 days, and possibly more in the future from him. He is a generous individual,with fantastic knowledge, and I am thankful we have now had the opportunity to meet each other. He even donated a free  flight box to Buzz to assist him getting started in the hobby. He has several more aircraft available for sale, and if anyone is interested in them, please get in touch with me and I will gladly assist you contacting Roger.


  1. Hey, you two ... save some work for the rest of us. Or do I need to wait for a work day?

  2. Grab a list and have a go at 'er.....nobody minds a bit.....the more the merrier and all that jazz.