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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flying Session Jan 7, 2012

imageIt was cold and windy, but it didn’t dampen the flyers. Cloyce brought out his Stinger like plane with a great running Evolution gasser.
I took a couple of pictures which I will share with you. The first is our former Prez Cloyce, with the moose, which he calls the Stinker.
The next one is Stinker in flight before its tuned pipe came loose, necessitating an early.landing. Notice it hanging down. Fortunately the tube didn't dig in and ruin the landing.
image image
image The next picture is Mark’s P-51 during a nice landing. A few months ago Mark handed me the transmitter and I got a chance to fly it. It was a great experience that inspired me to get cracking to fix up my P-51 Voodoo.
Next is a buddy box training session. Allen Stecklein is assisting new member Buzz Haviland with his Beachcraft T-34 Mentor. Buzz did a great job despite the wind growing stronger.image It is electric and handled the wind quite well. The trainer box didn’t support the expo function which did hamper Buzz a bit.
The Mentor, just before touching down.
I got in two flights with my e-Mini Stick that flew great in the wind, which grew stronger and colder. After the two flights I packed up and drove to get a hot cup of coffee.
Mark, our newly appointed Field Marshal reset all the combination locks at the field. I Emailed the new combo code to all 2012 paid members who are AMA current.

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