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Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Fly Fly-In

Mark Putzer presents Cloyce Mann with a beautiful, framed photo of Cloyce's Yak 54 plane in flight. Mark did an incredible professional job on both the photo and the custom made frame. Good job Mark. He also awarded Mark Sullivan with a framed photo of his Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee.

Note Cloyce is hiding his cast behind his back as a sheepish acknowledgement of  his total screw-up accident.

And now for today's report on our public Fly-In

The report can be summarized in one word .. WIND! It blew 25 to 30 mph all morning and into the afternoon. Some of the public showed up but most realized that the wind was way too strong. A van from the Fremont County Boys & Girls Club came and we were able to show them around, but no flying demonstrations. The B&G Club will come again at some future time and try their hand at buddy box flying. They showed strong interest.

Part of the crew waiting for the WIND to die down

We had a good showing from our club. Most brought models but kept them protected in their vehicles. Ed had his low wing trainer (I think a Tiger) blown off the flight stand and it was damaged.

Mark Putzer at the controls
 Mark Putzer brought out a glow powered "Stadium Car" that was the only performer for the day. He made an impressive run up and down the runway and then off in the rough stuff. He had to retire it for the day after a bad bounce messed up his front suspension.
Retrieving the beast
Jess's Best Grill from Florence brought out lunch orders for nine members that were consumed in quick order. That capped off a non-flying day. We did enjoy a good day of camaraderie (getting together with friends with a common interest).

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  1. I would like to personally thank Mark Putzer for the absolutely stunningly beautiful framed and matted picture that he made for me of my Piper Pawnee in flight. It appears that this man is the consumate professional photographer, along with being a competent student pilot also. Very impressive picture taking skills along with being a skillful student pilot to boot. Good Luck with the training Mark, and THANK YOU wholeheartedly once again for the signed picture.
    Mark J. Sullivan