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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flying Report Saturday June 30th

Saturday morning and finally I was ready to fly and the winds were cooperating. Pulling out of the garage with my Stick 40 packed and ready to go, my wife comes running out with the phone. The dentist will see me as soon as I can get over to his office in Canon City. A couple of hours later I make it to the field to find Dennis with his Sig Seniorita and Terry with his green biplane. They said that Ed was there earlier. It was too hot for Dennis to remain and he left and Terry's batteries needed further charging and he left too. I got in three flights, but it too was getting too hot for me too. I could have stayed since the wind was quite mild. I returned to Canon to pick up some groceries and the temp on the bank read 103. Too hot indeed.
No photos.

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