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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Club Trainer Plane now set up and available for use......

We now have at the club's disposal, a HOBBICO AVI-STAR trainer plane stored in the club's impound building. It is on Channel 50 using a Futaba Conquest Transmitter that is available to be hooked up to the clubs buddy box trainer box.
 If anyone has any pieces/parts available for donation to the club for use, such as fuel and a starter and igniter, please leave those in the impound building with the rest of the plane items.
 Also, this plane has a NiCad battery on board the plane and also in the transmitter, and I have also donated a wall plug style charger for them.
 I will be bringing out an older used flight box and a hand pump to fuel up the tank, but this setup will need a couple other small items to be donated for club member's use.
 Feel free to check it all out, and take it out and fly it anytime, either with or without a student using it.
 I donated it to the club, for everyone to enjoy and use, and to train student pilots, so please enjoy and use it anytime.

Mark J. Sullivan

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