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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday morning flying.....and random thoughts

I got to the field around 9 AM Monday, June 4th, 2012 and gave Ed Vincent and Mark Putzer both phone calls due to the beautiful weather and flying conditions at the field.
 I proceeded to get my newly reconstructed and repaired Piper Pawnee prepped for flying with Bill Worthen's great help. Bill showed up moments after I arrived to fly his Escapade before having to leave to head back home. 

 Ed arrived just as Bill was leaving, and got his little .40 sized pylon plane ready to run, while i was running a tank of fuel through my Saito .82 engine on the Pawnee. As the fuel was burning away in the tank I noticed the engine tune was gradually changing....and soon discovered why....the new firewall on the front of the motor box, the epoxy glue joint has already come loose and the glue failed while the engine was running on the flight stand table.

I shut it down and discontinued any further flying with the Pawnee, and decided I would see how the newly repaired tail-wheel setup on the Hangar9 P-51 D airplane was going to work out, and set it up to fly.

 In the meantime Mark Putzer arrived and was busy getting his new trainer plane set up for his training session with Ed Vincent.

 I took off flying the Mustang and Ed and Mark were also flying the trainer, after letting me know they were going to fly also. Of course I gave them a big berth of space for them to fly, and shortly afterwards decided I would land so they can fly the trainer.

 I got in a couple more flights on the Mustang while Mark and Ed got in more flying for Mark's flight instruction training.

 Stiff breezes came up around 11 AM or so and everyone packed up and headed back to the hangar around Noon or so.

 All in all not a bad morning of good enjoyable flying.

 I told Mark I would post some of the pictures I was able to get of them flying his trainer on here. He is coming along in his training very well, and seems to be a very competent student-pilot.

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