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Saturday, August 4, 2012

First (of the modern era) Outdoor Club Monthly Meeting

I have been a member of this club for eleven years. It that period of time we have never held our monthly meeting at our flying site. This suggestion has been brought up on several occasions only to be squashed by some of the old timers. Anyway the August meeting was held at the field on Friday, August 3rd and it was very successful. Some of the members brought their campers and stayed overnight with flying and cookout on Saturday.We had a great turnout for the meeting and it was so successful that the members decided to repeat the outdoor meeting for September. Steve Anderson and I arrived early and got in some flying before the rest of the folks arrived.

Our newest member, Lee Stodder and his family attended. Lee is into helicopter flying and it was good to get him with Ron Prewitt our other heli member. Lee said that at his former R/C club they only meet outside during flying season. they meet inside in the winter.
Lee Stodder and son sitting under Mark's canopy

Some of the campers which were used for the sleepover

More members enjoying the canopy, although there wasn't much of a problem with the sun.

Getting ready for the meeting. Dave Green, Rhett Sharp and Ed Vincent

Awaiting the meeting to start. Mark brought his grandson Alex.

I passed out the latest club roster. In foreground is Arlyn Robbins, who recently returned to Canon City and rejoined the club

What an enthusiastic bunch. Looks like a dentist's waiting room.
After the meeting, Steve got in a flight before it got too dark. He was able to make it back before the viability became impossible. He did wonder off the runway, but the landing was a success, albeit a rough success.

I wasn't able to go out to the field Saturday morning and see if anyone was flying. The cold front dropped the temps and brought in the wind. Mark organized a cookout for lunch and I'm sure it was highly successful. I'm awaiting a Saturday report from Mark (see his report, next in sequence).

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