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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday night club meeting and Saturday cook-out

Just a short reminder that the monthly club meeting will be held at the field Friday evening at 7pm, rather than the annex building at the airport this month. Along with the meeting being held at the field Friday evening, there will also be overnight camping and flying going on after the meeting is adjourned. Bring lots of friends and family and let's enjoy a night under the beautiful Colorado stars.
I will offer to bring the hotdog and hamburger buns and condiments and fixings, along with a pasta salad and a couple of varieties of soda to enjoy, if others would like to bring some hamburger meat and hotdogs or perhaps some brats to grill, for a Saturday lunch-time meal while camping. I will also make sure and supply the propane for the club's grill, and will be available to do the cooking if need be also. We may also need some silverware, napkins, cups and plates to use along with ice for the drinks. If anyone would like to bring some melon and chips, or perhaps some pork and beans or potato salad that would be a nice addition to the menu also.
Any other items needed please let me know as soon as you can.
Thanks, and I hope to see everyone having a wonderful time this weekend,
Mark J. Sullivan
P.S. I do not have Arlynn's contact information and may also be missing a new member or two that I believe Marlowe had mentioned just joined recently, if anyone has a way to contact them and forward this email to them or call them personally to notify whoever I may have missed.
Thanks again,
I'm planning for about 3 dozen burgers and/or dogs....sound like enough???

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