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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Flying Report for Saturday

Great Planes Escapade
Friday's evening weather forecast painted a grim picture (high winds) for flying Saturday. I was surprised that the winds were low this morning, but I had to wait to complete an arc welding job for a neighbor. By the time I arrived at the field the winds were still mild. Dennis and Mark Sullivan were already doing some good flying. They had been out since 8:00AM. Dennis had his trainer and Mark his Escapade. Mark said that the Escapade was very "twitchy", almost uncontrollable until Ed suggested that he crank up the exponentials to 35%, which solved the problem.

Sorry, I took no pictures today, but here is a photo of an Escapade similar to Mark's plane.

I brought out my J-3 Cub and got in three flights until the wind picked up. It was strange that there were so few of us flying today. I guess most were freaked out by the wind forecast.

Some of the planes at Warbirds over Pueblo 2011
Reminder ... Warbirds over Pueblo is coming soon. See poster.

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