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Monday, August 20, 2012

This excited look says it all....!!!!

I was contacted by my very good friend John up in Rapid City, South Dakota to see what all pieces and parts I may have laying around to donate to John's grandson Trever who is 8 years old now, and wants to learn to fly RC planes, in hopes that by next summer when his "Gampy" comes down from SD to visit him, he will be ready to fly solo with gampy.
 I told John that it was an honor and my pleasure to try and support his grandson in his endeavor to learn to fly, and I would look around and see if I was able to come up with enough pieces and parts to assemble a trainer style airplane for Trever.
As it was I have a Hobbico Avi-star kit and numerous spare pieces and parts that I gathered up including a couple of old 72mhz Futaba TX's and Rx's along with a wall charger for the plane and radio setups and lots of miscellaneous pieces that I packed up and sent to Oklahoma where Trever lives with his family. He has joined the AMA and a local flying club there and the instructors and several members are already amazed at how well he knows how to fly at such a young age. Flying with gampy in SD has its good benefits there I'd say.
 Now Trever is bouncing around with excitement trying to wait for his instructor to help assemble the Avi-star ARF kit now and start his instruction. The instructor was going to allow Trever to try his hand at a landing on one of the club's trainers that they flew but the 20mph crosswind gusts were just a bit much for a pilot of 8 years old just yet.....give him a bit of time and watch out tho.
 Gampy is sending a brand new flight box setup and a ton of miscellaneous items to his grandson to have on hand for his use and needs also.
I got a phone call from a VERYYYYY thankful and excited young man earlier today thanking me profusely for the trainer and as we got to talking I have to say I can tell in just the short time we visited on the phone that he is going to be a very mature and capable young man and should be a fast learner too. He already is very proficient in his takeoff and landing skills from flying with his gampy and also his ability to fly is quite astonishing from what I have been told also.
Hopefully we get and keep another member in the ranks of RC Pilots for a life time of pleasure and enjoyment from here on out in this young mans life.
Enjoy the pictures, and I will try to get updates and other pictures as I receive them from a very proud Grandfather and also his Mother and Father too.

A very excited young man upon arriving home from school today!!!!

Trever has been chomping at the bit to start assembling the trainer plane!!!!

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  1. Mark, a great story. Thanks for promoting the hobby.