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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Field work update for August 29th, 2012

I'd like to report on some of the progress of the field work and improvements that have  been ongoing lately.

First of all, we have recently had someone that has remained "Anonymous" to everyone that I have spoken to about this recently, that came by the field and used some sort of a tractor or blade possibly, and dressed up the parking lot area out South of, and in front of the buildings and did a very fine job of fixing that up nicely. Thank you kindly to whoever the anonymous person(s) is/are. That area sure looks great!!!

Buzz Haviland, Terry Davis and myself hauled away the old broken picnic table from the field along with the old "Green room" building and other various eyesore items using my flatbed trailer and pickup, that were piled up near the south boundary fence line area to the Phantom Canyon Landfill. At the same time we got rid of that old broken picnic table, I brought out and donated another picnic table for use, in place of the old one. It will need a board or so repaired or replaced on it, along with tightening up nails and hardware if anyone has the time or material to do so. That would definitely be appreciated. Possibly we can also get it painted the same color as the remaining tables to match soon, using the paint stored in the storage building, if anyone would like to take that task on also. I'd like to thank Terry and Buzz for their help. It was most definitely appreciated.

Buzz Haviland also brought out his John Deere riding mower and spruced everything up quite nicely this past week also. Thanks to Buzz Haviland for taking a lot of pride in this great facility.

I had an old driveway drag made from a piece of chain link fencing that I have donated to the club,to use on the roadways on the property along with also using it on the parking lots and pit areas too when needed. It is stored out near the rest of the field implements and can be pulled by anyone, with any type of vehicle or tractor.

We as a club still need to either purchase, or possibly have someone donate a flat point style shovel to the club, to replace one of the two that came up missing earlier this flying season also yet. We already were donated a round point style shovel a few weeks ago by Steve Stafford, and that is definitely appreciated. Thanks Steve.

We now have enough roll roofing felt to be used for replacing the roofing when we get, either donated or purchased by the club, approximately 3-4 squares of asphalt shingles,  to replace the roofs on both the impound building as well as the storage building. I had a roll of it left over from the old house where I used to live, that I wont be needing anymore where I am living at now, so I dropped that roll of felt paper off in the storage building for the club's use. It appears we have enough galvanized roofing nails to complete that task in stock already too. We may possibly need some new edge flashing to go around the perimeter of both roofs after we tear off all of the old roofing. I called Ace Hardware Co. today (Aug. 29th 2012) in Canon City, and it goes for $4.29 per 10 foot long piece, and I think 10 sticks total may take care of any needs we may run into if we were to have to replace every piece of the flashing on both buildings.

If you are available to at anytime, or you just happen to be at the field flying, if you can please take a few minutes to grab a shovel and back fill in a few prairie dog holes, or chop a couple of weeds around various parts of the club field and runway, that would sure help out with the overall looks and upkeep of this great facility. Thanks everyone.

Recently I went around several areas at the field, and applied an ant-killer product that I purchased to try to get rid of several ant piles that I've seen cropped up in various places around the field. Let me know of any ant piles that I haven't gotten to, along with it's location, and I'll apply the ant killer to those piles also.

It's now getting to be about time to re-apply some weed killer around the different areas of the club field, and I'll be bringing my weedkiller and handheld pump sprayer back there to the club field soon, to spray the weeds again where needed. If you see any particularly bad areas that I may have missed, please let me know also.

I also hope to get information back from several people I have spoken to, about donations of materials, labor and money, to be able to report back a more accurate cost estimate at the September monthly club meeting about the Flight-line shade coverings in the pits as an upcoming project also. Please contact me ASAP with information  about donations of materials, labor and money that you can help with this project, so I can get it accurate for the meeting report coming up very soon. If you have "whatever" to donate or sell, we can find a use for it somehow no doubt.

I certainly do appreciate all the help and hard work that several members, and even some non-members have done, and continue to do, to improve and maintain this clubs fine facilities for every one's enjoyment.

One more suggestion to please consider if you would is this, if you can possibly remember to bring a plastic gallon jug or two of water to pour into the "Blue-room" tank to keep the water level up high enough in the outhouse, that is most definitely appreciated. One trick that I try to use for myself to recall bringing water with me is this:
I try to remember to bring fuel to fly with, so I also try to remember to bring water for the toilet. In this intense heat we have been suffering through, the water level evaporates very rapidly in that tank and needs replenished quite often.

I don't have email addresses or other contact information for a few of the newer members of the club yet, so if you happen to see some of the newer members of the club, please let them know about some of these items for all of our sake also please.

If you have any other concerns about the field maintenance or any other needs, please feel free to contact me at anytime day or night on my cell phone at 719-240-6805, or in person also.


Mark J. Sullivan

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  1. Mark, Buzz, Terry and Mr. "Anonymous" many thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing all the maintenance you guys have done.

    Mark, concerning the email list, we have another new member. After I update the list I'll send it out to all.

    Thanks again ... Marlowe

    Thanks again ... Marlowe