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Sunday, September 30, 2012

FCRCC Static display and RC Flying Demonstration at the Fremont County Airport and EAA Fly-In

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for their participation from the Fremont County Radio Control Club of Fremont County, the Sky-Corral Radio Control Club of Pueblo County and also the Pikes Peak Radio Control Club of El Paso County.
Without everyone's hard work and willing participation at this event, it would not have went off without a hitch and on schedule like it did. Things went very smoothly from everyone I spoke to, including all the various club's members, along with airport personnel, airport management, airport board members and also numerous EAA members and several other full scale pilots in attendance who attended the airshow, whom all of them were giving our setup and participation high marks for everything we all did to support the Fremont County Airport and EAA Fly-In on 09-29-2012. We also collected a small amount of donated funds to go towards our charitable donation works for the FCRCC Club endeavors.
 I certainly feel that both the airshow and fly-in were extremely well attended by the general public throughout the entire duration of the event, and our static display setup was attended by numerous folks all throughout the day.
I did notice what I believe it to be was, the KOAA Channel 5 News team reporter/videographer crew were there at the airport taking lots of photographs and film footage all over the property during the show, so we may also make the local newscasts and newspapers too. Has anyone seen anything of that sort yet?
 Several of the owners of various classic cars that were also in attendance at the car show at the airport, came by our display area and gave good comments about all of the regions clubs working together so well to put on the demonstrations and displays that we all worked so hard on together. Several of the classic car owners are also fellow RC pilots as well too.
We seemed to have had a lot of interest and questions from the public in attendance about the club locally in Fremont County, as well as the other RC clubs in the region, and what we all are about. There were handouts of general information printed up for the spectators to take home with them, and also some membership applications were given out to folks that attended our display area. I hope that bears some new members for the club locally here, as well as the other clubs in the region, and I feel it sure never hurts us to get the word out about our organizations, and all the community involvement that we all do as clubs throughout the region.
Kids of all ages both young and old, were telling tales and stories about what they still have to fly now, as well as what they built and flew way back when, and also what they still have laying about in the attic and such places from long ago, and it seemed to really put a warm smile on the faces of those good folks telling the stories, and remembering all the fun they both have and had while building and flying their models. More than one full scale pilot came up to us and said that the building and modeling and flying of RC style aircraft was a great helping step in them going on to get their full scale pilot training also.
Once again, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for helping out with this show, and I would also like to say it is definitely something that I look forward to helping out our regional airport with again in the future, should the clubs decide to do this again.
Warm Regards,
Mark J. Sullivan

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