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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Report for the "Warbirds Over Pueblo" Saturday flying

First off......The Colorado Weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!.....low 90's temperatures and a smooth 4 mph or so light cooling breeze most all day long. You can not ask for more perfect weather in this very hot time of the year.
There were 36 pilots registered for flying so far just on Saturday September 1st, 2012 and there is word there are a LOT more pilots coming in for Sunday's event also.
 The spectators were thoroughly enjoying themselves watching all the activities, and mingling with the Hero's of the day, our Special Guests and their families, the honored veterans of the past.
The crowd was kept entertained all day long, as the only time there weren't any war birds flying it seemed to me, was when we shut down the airspace to clear the area for our noontime fly over from the folks at DOSS Aviation of Pueblo, CO. DOSS Aviation has a contract to train upcoming student pilots to become pilots in the USAF. As in the past years, DOSS put one one heck of a great show flying different formations during their part of the noontime activities.
Next up for the noontime break was the introduction of some great hero's among us. There were 4 different men introduced to everyone attending the show from different branches of the US Armed Services. What an immense honor to be able to sit down with all 4 of those great men and get to visit with them one on one, like they so graciously allowed me to do with them. I am truly humbled by their greatness to say the least.
As the flying resumed there were any numbers of warbird's flying at any one time in the air around the Sky Corral RC Club field that is named in honor of another great veteran, Colonel Brad Dolliver.
I then finally decided I needed to fly my very very very small Hangar 9 P-51 Checker Tailed Mustang. In comparison to the great giants of the day there in attendance at the Warbirds over Pueblo event my warbird paled in comparison to any numbers of those beautiful airplanes, but never the less I flew it, along with Zack Cozzolino as my very skilled spotter. I certainly appreciate all of his help and guidance when I am flying, as I do whenever anyone offers their experience and guidance to me. I felt an awful lot of trepidation initially flying in front of such a large crowd of much more experienced pilots but I finally decided it was time to, as they say....."Pull up my big boy pants" and just go for it. I flew with 4 other aircraft in the air at the same time, and as the next plane to come up flying with everyone, ended up being a turbine powered warbird jet......wellllllll lets just say.........I landed on the very next time around....WHEW!!!!
I am planning on returning for the flying on Sunday, September 2nd 2012 also, to enjoy more flying and getting to visit with, and learn from great people about this fantastic hobby.
I took some pictures while there on Saturday, and I will include a few of them as an overview of just a bit of the great flying and nice crowds enjoying themselves.

A good crowd of pilots.

A Flight-Metal Beauty of Brent Cozzolino's.

Chuck Starck's Warbird on display.

AeroWorks Quick-Build latest offering.

Aint she a beaut???

A Japanese Gyrocopter Warbird!!!!

Dads newest addition to the hangar!!!

And Dad's Ol' Blue now flown by his son.

DOSS Aviation noon-time flyover!!!!!!

My little .40 sized H9 Checker-Tail Mustang feeling very puny and  small.

Brent Cozzolino and his son Zack flying their gorgeous aircraft together.

More beautifully crafted planes to behold.

I wanted to see this Mustang flying sooooooo badly but it had igniton problems  at the time, darnit!!!

A wicked fast turbine jet was on hand wowing the crowd too.

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