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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A HUGE TURNOUT!!!! What a great success.

The Fremont County Radio Control Club held their annual Hammer Bellino Memorial Fun-Fly on Saturday, September 15th 2012 at the FCRCC airfield to a HUGE turnout of pilots, friends and spectators.
The Fremont County Boys and Girls Club brought out several boys and girls to the field to try their hand at buddy box flying and some introductory flight instruction.
 Numerous fellow RC pilots from the Sky-Corral RC Club came up from Pueblo, CO. to support our fund raising activities and have a look at our field. They jumped at the chance to fire up several of their planes and enjoy some absolutely perfect Colorado weather for flying. We all certainly appreciate their support of our club activities, and fund raisers by all means.
Several FCRCC member pilots attended the day's activities as well, and brought planes and heli's to fly and display throughout the day also. As the noon hour approached we got ready to feed at least 50 or more people and Steve Stafford had to make a fast dash back to town for more food, so nobody left without eating. There were hamburgers, brats, hot dogs and Polish sausages to grill for everyone, along with all the fixings including fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, dips, watermelon, cookies, doughnuts and all sorts of water and sodas. If you left hungry it was a shame.
After the noontime lunch meal that was provided by the FCRCC members, we then held two drawings for give away prizes. First up was the Club-purchased Pandora airplane drawing, which was won by fellow club member Terry Davis. Congratulations Terry, and we hope you enjoy building and flying your new plane.
Next up for the drawing was a Glider kit donated by Buzz Haviland, and was won by one of the Fremont County Boys and Girls Club kids, who's name I do not recall. (Any help here anyone?)
After the drawings and lunch, the buddy box student flying, as well as flying enjoyed by several fellow AMA pilots continued for awhile longer, with great weather and light breezes to compliment the fantastic support and fellowship of everyone in attendance. The kids and not so young kids had a great time of flying and visiting.
Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and support for this great Memorial Fun-Fly.

 Enjoy the pictures of a great time and join us again for more fun and festivities.

Buzz Haviland with several friends and visitors.

Terry Davis wins the Pandora Club Drawing airplane kit.

Some of the various RC Planes at the Memorial Fun-Fly event.

Some of the Boys and Girls Club members with the winner's glider kit.

Kenny's 1/3 scale Piper Cub, and it flies so beautifully.

Kiwi, who hails from New Zealand joined us for the  great time of flying today.

Some of the kids looking over the glider kit that one of them won .

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