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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fremont County Airport/EAA Fly-In update and Temporary Runway Closure

RC Flying Field Runway Temporary Closure Information is contained in this following email letter.
Thanks to everyone for their understanding and support of this unique situation.
Mark J. Sullivan

P.S. I will post a notice at the entrance to the field of the Temporary Runway Closure and also I'll leave a copy of this following letter on the Info Kiosk at the field and also inside the Impound building too.

Hello everyone,
I just got out of the final planning meeting at the Fremont County airport in regards to the upcoming EAA/Fremont County Airport Fly-In on Monday morning at 8 AM.
 There were 9 different individuals involved in this morning planning meeting, and it appears that there will be a tremendous amount of both static displayed, and live transient air traffic aircraft during this coming Saturday September 29th, 2012 event. We will be given a walkie-talkie type of hand-held radio to monitor inbound and outbound air traffic at the airport during the event for both ours and everyone else's safety involved in this event. We are tentatively scheduled to perform an RC Flight demonstration for the public between the times of 09:30-10:00 AM with our RC aircraft on the West parallel taxiway area West of the Main Ramp parking and tie-down area using the East-West taxiway as our runway for our use. We will also monitor the airport aircraft traffic throughout the entire event, and will be able to perform other flights during other times, with considerations of weather, wind and airport fly-in traffic dictating when we are able to fly at other times.
In addition to the RC flying demonstrations including both helicopters and airplanes, we will also have a reserved area in front of the airport main terminal building where almost all of the public  foot traffic will be concentrated at for viewing our displays. We were given permission also to put out a donation jar for our charitable fundraising activities for the Sangre DeCristo Hospice and the Fremont County Boys and Girls Club charities at our static display area. Dependent upon the amount of air traffic in the vicinity of the airport we may not be able to conduct any free buddy-box flying with prospective students at that time at the flight demonstration area, so we will just simply have to play that one by ear for now. I will pre-stage my open trailer in front of the airport terminal either late Friday evening or very early on Saturday morning, before the event gets underway. The event people that I had to meet with this morning asked that we  try to have all of our displays set up by 08:00-08:30 AM Saturday morning at the very latest. I will have the flatbed ready long before then for fellow pilots to bring their various types of aircraft for display, and we will need some members to stay near the display area to answer questions from the public and to keep an eye on our models on display, in case any winds start blowing them around also. I'd appreciate seeing several members of our club in attendance at both the static display area and also the flight demonstration line to the West of the ramp. We may need someone to escort students over to the flight demonstration area for buddy box flights, and then back over to the general viewing area also, as needed. Please bring chairs and such with you to attend the display and flight areas during our clubs involvement with this event. I will have my shade canopy available if needed also during this event too.
As the meeting progressed and all the different aspects of the day's busy activities were being discussed around the table, it became quite clear that there would be a significant amount of airport traffic, both inside the normal flight patterns, taking off and landing, as well as air traffic not following the normal flight patterns around the airport during fly overs and demonstrations, along with skydiving demonstrations landing at the airport ramp area, as well as helicopter rides being given all day long throughout the day coming and going across the pattern possibly, rather than in the usual East and West patterns, and for this reason of safety concerns being first and foremost, it was decided to ask our club to restrict any and all use of our own runway and club areas for our RC flying use, between the hours of 08:30 AM until 12:00 PM noon MST on Saturday October 29th, 2012 upon the request of Dick Baker and the Fremont County Airport Board in attendance during this mornings meeting. Anytime before or after those times is perfectly ok to use our facility for flying on that day, unless some other unexpected event occurs that day, and if so, there will be notice given then at that time to the members of our club wishing to fly then at the club field after the scheduled flight restriction time.
I will have a schedule of events with me for everyone to see what all is scheduled throughout the event, so please contact me anytime to see the final schedule if needed. I was also given a top-view type of a map overlooking the airport and the planned layout of all of the various parts of the event going on that day, so please let me know if you need to see either the schedule of events or the top view map layouts.
 I hope to see a tremendous turnout of club members, and also their families and friends with them, participating in and enjoying the entire event, and assisting fellow club members with this event, the same that I've had the pleasure of witnessing in conjunction with other past club events. Bring lots of planes, helicopters and flight equipment and such for display to the public, and also we can be there to answer the publics questions about our club and various types of aircraft and equipment on display.
Please pass this letter on to anyone that you can think of that may need to know about our club field temporary flight restrictions and also about our clubs participation during the EAA/Fremont County Airport Fly-In event that I may not have any other way of contacting those individuals.
Thanks in advance to everyone for their participation during the upcoming event, and also for their understanding in the upcoming temporary flight restrictions at our club field.
If anyone has questions or comments please contact me anytime on my cell phone at 719-240-6805 and also to let us know when you can volunteer to assist us during the event.
Mark J. Sullivan
CC  to FCRCC club email members; Dick Baker airport manager; John Marietta airport board member; Hans Miesler RV-4 Renegades flight captain and coordinator and others

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