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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday flying 09-09-2012

I arrived at the field around 9:30 AM or so, and found Dennis Sporing already there enjoying the cool morning temperatures after his first flight of the day, with his gorgeous yellow trainer looking plane. I've nicknamed it "The TWIST # 2" as he flies that thing like its a fully acrobatic aircraft, including inverted flight for a considerable amount of time. Taking into account that this trainer plane has a considerably large amount of dihedral built into the wing, and is also a flat bottom style airfoil, that is a big accomplishment to do. Soon after arriving at the field, I got my GP Escapade sport plane out, and did a short test flight of it after doing a small repair to the bottom of the tail surface back at the hangar. It still flies extremely quick and has great roll and climb rates for such a heavy plane.
 Next to arrive is Terry Davis with his beautiful Pulse .60 sport style airplane. That thing really hauls the mail in Terry's competent hands also. Now to the field comes Bill Worthen Sr. flying his Saito powered Super Sport speedster and he flies it so sweetly. It is just a joy to listen to that Saito 4 stroke growling and hustling around the skies. In between Dennis and  the other pilots flying, I took my GP Escapade back up for a few more flights throughout the morning.
 Soon Bill Worthen Jr. arrived at the field to fly his GP Big Stick, when he discovered the aileron servos were not functioning correctly as commanded by his radio, so he returned it to the truck and brought out his gorgeous Hangar 9 Piper Cub, and after a very thorough pre-flight inspection and range testing the radio system, he and his Dad Bill Sr. took to the runway for taxi testing and preparations for it's maiden flight.
After a couple of attempts, and a few small tweaks and checks, they returned to the runway and took off with this beautiful flying airplane. A very successful maiden flight ensued for a long period of smooth flying, and then some passes at low altitude down the runway getting set up for Bill Jr's. first landing attempt with this new airplane. A textbook picture-perfect landing for a great ending to this planes maiden flight and a deep sigh of relief on behalf of the owner Bill Jr. and a very proud Father Bill Sr. ensued. Too bad I don't own a Kodak camera to get better quality pictures of the great Kodak moments, but something is better than nothing they say.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful day and a successful maiden flight:

Bill Worthen Jr. and his Father Bill Sr.

Taxi Testing.

Son with his Father flying. you go!!!!

What a beautiful flying plane!!!

Touching Down after a very successful Maiden Flight!!!

Isn't she a beauty.

My GP Escapade sport plane.

Terry Davis prepping his Pulse .60 acrobatic plane.
Story and pictures submitted by Mark J. Sullivan on 09-09-2012

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