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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another maiden flight...well for me since I've owned it anyhow

Tower Hobbies Uproar is missing the bubble canopy.
I purchased this Tower Hobbies Uproar from an old club member before he got out of RC airplanes for awhile, by the name of Jim Green who lives up in Colorado Springs. I got both the Tower Hobbies Uproar, and my now deceased Great Planes Big Stick from him about a year or so ago, and I flew the wing off of the Big Stick (both literally and figuratively) for a good number of months and numerous flights, using a new OS .55AX for power. That Big Stick was the one that the wing separated on it in flight, due to a wing mounting lug failure, while up at the Flying Giants sponsored Midwest Giant Scale Huck fest in Rapid City, South Dakota this past June. The fuselage plunged to the ground rapidly, destroying the fuselage, while the wing that separated away, just floated down to the ground slowly. I have finally just now gotten around to feeling that I may have enough skill to attempt flying this fast moving acrobatic Uproar airplane of mine. It is definitely a sweet flying plane with the real thick cord "Hershey Bar" style airfoil wing and will give you  change back from turning on a dime. I maidened it this morning for my first time, with Bill Worthen Sr. in attendance standing nearby to assist in trim work and coaching, and I certainly appreciate all of his great help. Thank you again Bill.
 Later in the afternoon I went out and met Ed Vincent and Steve Stafford and flew the Uproar again a few flights, and also put Ed on the sticks for a flight. We are both pleasantly surprised at how light it really feels in the air, and just how nimble it handles, even in the blustery and variable winds that we were flying in at the time.
 It is definitely a different one to land compared to all of the other hot and fast landing ones I've been used to flying here lately. Not overly difficult to accomplish so far, by any means....just different.

Tower Hobbies Uproar

Story and photos submitted by Mark J. Sullivan, 09-11-2012

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  1. Great job Mark. I was almost out the door when I got an important phone call so no flying today. Maybe late tomorrow or even Thursday. I hope to fly the Cub.